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Faculty of Humanities – you can find the schedule by clicking on the tile with the programme’s name and then on the tile “Harmonogramy” (schedules)

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Biology programmes:
Geology programmes:
Geography programmes:

Faculty of Social Sciences

Education and psychology: – search by programme, student, employee and mode.

Remote classes (except for internships) are marked with the letter Z, classes conducted on-site have the room number indicated.

The daily schedule in a 2-week cycle will change after the on-site classes or when changing groups. Most of the classes are clustered together except for the cases where groups exchange classes (3 groups, 3 teachers).

Faculty of Science and Technology

Faculty of Law and Administration

Faculty of Arts and Educational Science

Schedules in preparation (complementary admission process)

Faculty of Theology

Film School

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Important contact data:

NFZ - 24/7 coronavirus helpline:
phone no. 800 190 590

District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Katowice - 24/7 coronavirus helpline:
phone no. 660 686 917

Nearest infection wards:

  • Bytom (Szpital Specjalistyczny nr 1, al. Legionów 49),
  • Chorzów (Szpital Specjalistyczny, ul. Zjednoczenia 10),
  • Tychy (Szpital Megrez, ul. Edukacji 102),
  • Cieszyn (Szpital Śląski, ul. Bielska 4).

Full list of infection wards:

University of Silesia in Katowice
ul. Bankowa 12, 40-007 Katowice
phone no. +48 32 359 22 22
NIP: 634-019-71-34

Contact for media:

Contact for publishing information on this website:

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